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Mother's Day Sale Live - Get 15% off on orders above $349 

Mother's Day Sale Live - Get 15% off on orders above $349 

The Jewelz Collections

Chroma Collection

Discover Chroma, an eclectic curation of smooth, structural and sensual baubles created for the radical inside. 
Imbued with modern-day opulence, the collection revives the nearly lost art of jewelry made with hand-carved wax through intricate traditional artistry. 
Break out of the matrix and pave your own way!

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Chroma Claw RIng - The Jewelz

Emblème Collection

Discover a relishing blend of Art Nouveau and Art Deco with artful amulets inspired to evoke synergy between nature and soul.

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Siren Song

Dive deep into the stunning display of allure adorned with Colombian Emeralds and brilliant Diamonds. Siren Song celebrates woman who is at once bold and feminine, strong and seductive.

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Siren Song - The Jewelz

Elena Siren Necklace

$1,977.00 USD
3 colors

Revy Siren Earrings

$2,585.00 USD
3 colors

Julius Siren Ring

$859.00 USD
3 colors


Follow your inner spirit, take uncharted trails and dare to express the rare within you.

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Celebrate modern feminine aesthetic that exudes character and originality.

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Nightbloom Danglers

$1,839.00 USD
1 color
Nightbloom Classic Ring - The Jewelz
Nightbloom Phoebe Necklace - The Jewelz