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Jewelry Gifts That Are Sure To Be a Hit This Holiday Season

The “splurge fest”, also famously known as the holiday season is upon us, and along it brings the perplexing anxiety of coming up with a perfect gift for your loved ones. This is also a period where reprioritizing your spending is essential, as many of us are still recovering from the pandemic knockdown. However, buying something off the rack doesn’t really scream “thoughtful”.

The one gift that never fails to make the unwrapping experience worth it is undoubtedly a piece of jewelry. And if you happen to have someone like Rachel (from Friends) in your life, they’ll still be happy with a shiny bauble that can be exchanged for money.

Now comes the daunting part, choosing a piece of jewelry that not only stands out but also fits your budget. Don’t worry, just breathe in (and out).

We’ve got your back with a handpicked sparkling gift guide, featuring jewelry with intention, to help you earn the Best Gifter badge this year.

1. Kiyo Emerald Necklace

The vibrant green emeralds never fail to impress. If you know someone who’s obsessed with clean lines and minimal classics, then look no further.

2. Diamond Love Band

Having trouble expressing your love for that special someone? Here’s a tip - spell out your love in diamonds (literally). Let this gorgeous diamond studded ring do the talking.

3. The Rhapsody Necklace

This vibrant yet minimal Rhapsody Necklace will brighten up any outfit. Stop browsing and order now, your bubbly friend deserves a colorful treat.

4. Nightbloom Sapphire Triad Bracelet

The Nightbloom Sapphire Triad Bracelet is adorned with alluring sapphires and dazzling diamonds – a duo that is sure to make your jewelry-obsessed girlfriend go weak on the knees.

5. Elephants be Wildin’ Studs

The Elephants be Wildin’ and so will be your animal lover friend when they open the box to find the cutest diamond studs.

6. Golden Heart Climber Earrings

Wanna earn some major brownie points? Grab these gorgeous diamond climbers now and present them by saying “Golden Hearts for my golden love”.

7. Maes Turquoise Necklace

Know someone who is bold and loves the spotlight? Then you can’t miss out on this chic and striking turquoise necklace.

8. Rara Avis Pendant

The Rara Avis pendant is designed to celebrate the beauty and joy of self-expression. Add a personal touch to your gift and make it extra special!