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Animus: The Next Must-Have Men’s Jewelry

Animus: The Next Must-Have Men’s Jewelry

Gone are the times when men's accessory section brimmed with watches, cuff links, or a rare sighting of a slim chain. Breaking free from this confinement, men's jewelry is
experiencing its renaissance era, which has led designers to finally think beyond one gender. With celebrities like Harry Styles, Jimin, Lil Nas, and Robert D. Jr. amping up their sartorial game, men are getting inspired to flirt with the previously taboo concept – Blingy Baubles!

Keeping up with the resurgence, The Jewelz has launched a new category dedicated solely to men – Manly Nuances. The first collection to be launched under this category is called Animus. With her unique touch of humor, the TJ designer states,
"Until now, we've designed jewelry that has aptly presented the Anima part
of our brand, and now, we are looking forward to exploring the Animus side and completing the circle to become whole as an intention and story-driven platform." 

Whether you're looking to dip your toe into jewelry or as a jewelry guy exploring iconographic statement pieces to layer with your existing collection, Animus is sure to strike a chord with both minimalist Michaels and dapper Dans.

As the spark finally caught fire, TJ is nurturing a clean and timelessly cool collection which will not have you checking your wallets. The brand's core focus is on capturing a classic masculine aesthetic with handcrafted silver pieces that can seamlessly integrate into a man's daily life. Ranging from cult favorite skull pendants to norm-core bands and bracelets, the pieces are designed to be versatile, allowing for an effortless transition from casual to formal settings.                                                 

When askedabout the recent surge in male adornment, the CEO Vishal Dixit says, "This
attitude shift has been a great contributor in expanding the parameters of our industry and ascend to new heights with men gradually squeezing their way into our primary buyers' list."

He added, "Men were never averse to the idea of jewelry; historically, it was men who got affected with magpie syndrome first before it reached women. It is exciting to see them embracing the embellished lifestyle again with confidence
and panache."